The Climate Consent Foundation relies on donations and grants. The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change is due to agree the terms of a global climate deal in December 2015, but it is hard to see how the interests of all nations can be reconciled unless the principles of Contraction & Convergence set its agenda.

Our work combines 'education' and influencing policy on climate change. Web-based video is the most effective medium for communicating ideas to a large and diverse audience and our website and videos will provide a unique resource for anyone who wants to become more aware of these issues and/or take part in shaping our future. Building our work around web-based video, social media and multi-media will enable us to reach a wide audience and network globally, reaching young people who will inherit the consequences of our actions and political leaders who must consider the consequences of their actions.
There are unavoidable costs in producing well-made videos, especially ones that include animated sequences. The continuation of our work will depend on the generosity of donors who share our vision and sense of urgency about the need for fresh ideas and clear principles to guide negotiations for a global climate deal.

We have so far received donations of £20,000 towards production of this initial website and video material. We are now seeking funds to create a more engaging 'consumer-friendly' website and produce videos about a range of key issues that will engage students and adults and help to shape the thinking of global policy makers. The Foundation will also work to influence policy makers and decision makers through meetings and participation in seminars etc.

Plans for the 2013 are summarised under 'AIMS', but our first priority is to produce a video which draws attention to consequences of twenty years of political horse-trading at the UN climate talks and another which shows why Contraction & Convergence is the formula for transparent global collaboration to cut emissions. We also intend to film further interviews with key experts and opinion formers and seek filmed endorsements from celebrities.

We will create versions of our videos in English, Spanish, French and Chinese. Our team have considerable experience in TV production, so we keep to budget and timetable and will create maximum on-screen value from the funds we receive.
In short, the Climate Consent Foundation relies on financial support from backers and donors who share our passionate interest in these issues and see the need for fresh ideas in resolving the greatest challenge of our times.

We greatly appreciate every single donation we receive - no matter how small. We would be delighted to discuss our plans with potential donors, so please don't hesitate to get in touch

Alternatively, you can make a gift aid donation via our page on Just Giving.com


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